Posted by: harrisandyou | December 8, 2012

Corona, California

Landfill Jun 2012 013The other day on the news they reported that the landfill in Corona is now using a hybrid tractor/earthmover. I’m not actually sure what it is called probably not a tractor but I was impressed that using a hybrid was even thought of. Landfills not only emit methane gas all the vehicles being used and the haulers coming and going produce pollutants as well. More trash companies are using natural gas vehicles to reduce their fuel consumption and carbon footprint.¬† We are moving slowly toward better air quality, very slowly but at least it is a start.

I hope other landfills will follow what Corona is doing. It would be great if individuals and businesses would reduce their waste because that waste usually ends up going to the landfills.

Christmas is coming and that means more consumption, more consumption means more waste which ends up going to the landfills.


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