Posted by: harrisandyou | September 29, 2012

Waste Assessment

Happy Friday Everyone!

I am doing a waste assessment at the community college nearby and at my home.  This gives me a way to measure what should be recycled, what can be composted and what can be reused or reduced.  Everyone should take a long look at what they buy and what they throw away.  It gives you great insight into what items you are purchasing and why; do you need them for everyday living, or are you purchasing them because you saw a commercial or advertisement that made you want it?

For this planet to become greener and resources to be available longer people need to be socially responsible, we need to look at our lifestyles. Bigger has become the norm in the USA.  Buy a bigger house, a bigger SUV, a bigger TV.  STOP super sizing everything except your heart.  Look at the item – do you need it? Look at the packaging – is the producer being environmentally responsible?  This starts us thinking on the right track and makes us better humans.

Be kind to the earth, be kind to each other.


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