Posted by: harrisandyou | August 27, 2012

Moving Backward

When I was a kid the straws were paper not plastic; milk, orange juice, sodas came in bottles not waxed cartons.  Those glass bottles were recycled and reused.  The liquid that came in those bottles tasted fresh, not waxy or plastic like.

Sometimes when we move forward we do not bring good ideas with us.  The world of technology has helped us to make things faster and cheaper which has consequences.  We need to stop being impatient, look at having products that will last a long time instead of for a few years.  Think before we create and how does this product affect the environment.  Is this going to a landfill in a few years or will it last a while, can it be recycled or reused?

Maybe we need to go back in time and see how well items were made. They were sturdy and durable. The Great Depression caused people to repair items not throw them away.

What do you think of today’s products are they made better or not?  I look forward to reading your comments.


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