Posted by: harrisandyou | August 6, 2012

Central Coast

I went to the Central Coast of California last weekend. I have been there before as my parents and now my siblings and I own a house up there. It was lovely up there and cooler.  The cooler weather and the beautiful coastline brings tourist to the area.  During the tourist season there is always more trash.  The locals are very conscious about taking care of the land and water.  The tourist do not seem to share that same sentiment.

When the tourist visit the beaches they bring their food, drinks, cups, bottles, wrappers….and it all piles up hopefully in a trash can but if they cannot find a trash can close enough they leave it on the beach.  Quite sad that they cannot walk to the trash can or wait to carry it back home with them to be disposed of properly.

During the off season the beaches are cleaner since there are less people.  That is the time that is best for locals and the birds, turtles and sea life – all can once again enjoy the coast without debris.


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