Posted by: harrisandyou | July 3, 2012

IVC Waste Assessment #2

Since doing the Waste Assessment at Irvine Valley College, I pay more attention to what I am throwing away at home.  I notice what is in the dumpster as well.  I see items that should be in the recycling dumpster instead of in the trash. People are either ignorant or lazy when it comes to recycling.  I live in an apartment complex and even though there is a dumpster for trash and next to it a dumpster for recycling, people will dump everything into the trash dumpster. I have also noticed that sometimes the gardeners will leave their cuttings and clippings in the trash.  This takes up a lot of room leaving very little space for the resident’s trash. I wonder what the arrangement is between the apartment complex and the landscaping company.

I have almost always been aware of how much trash is created by people. There are some that just can’t wait for a trash can and so they throw their trash on the ground.  There are not enough trash cans around the city and near those trash cans there should be recycle cans. This should be true at the schools and parks.  It would be great to see this happen however I am sure it is not in the budget.


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