Posted by: harrisandyou | July 3, 2012

How to Win Friends #2

In reading “How to Win Friends and Influence People”, it mentions Principle 4 being a good listener.  I notice that when a sales person calls they do not really listen to you, you the one they want as a customer.  They are so focused on saying their sales script that they do not stop to listen to you.  When I receive a call like that I tell them I am not interested in listening to their sales talk because they did not ask me if I had a minute. If I am in the middle of a project or an email or ready to walk out the door, I do not have time to listen to a salesperson.  Another reason I do not want what they are selling is they did not ask me my name and they have not made the time to find out if I want what they have to sell. They need to engage you in the conversation.

In this busy, hurried world people are forgetting their manners.  They do not say they are sorry when they bump into you or as I had one woman  who spilled a glass of water on my foot and not say one word.  How rude! All people have on their minds is about them.  If they read “How to Win Friends” they could learn how to stop and listen to the other person and actually put their own wants aside.

When I take a walk around the lake I see couples not talking to each other but on their cell phones or they have their iPods in their ears.  At a coffee house the other day I saw a father and son at a table.  They did not spend time talking to each other they were on their laptops.  How sad that we can only communicate with each other by email or texting.


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