Posted by: harrisandyou | June 30, 2012

IVC Waste Assessment

Walking around Irvine Valley College and looking at the dumpsters, I saw not only trash but some recyclables in with the trash.  The trash was contained in large black bags and small clear liners however there was some trash not in the container but on the ground. Not all dumpsters were enclosed allowing public access which was observed when I saw a mattress in one dumpster. In other dumpsters there were branches, bushes, and landscape clippings.

This makes me wonder, aren’t there any recyclable bins? If there aren’t any why not?  Do they expect the waste company to separate it? I have not seen any recycling cans on campus however I will take another walk and look again.

There was a rollout behind the campus by the soccer field.  The rollout was filled with furniture and miscellaneous items that came from classrooms. I am wondering why they would throw away furniture instead of donating it to a church or giving it to a charity.

I would like to see IVC corral the trash bins behind enclosures. The dumpsters near the bookstore which is also near the front entrance to the school should not be seen.  They should take more pride in the school.


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