Posted by: harrisandyou | June 29, 2012

Zero Waste

In the Zero Waste class we are learning how Zero Waste is a key part of the community and what jobs there are in this sector.  The instructor teaches us how to do waste assessments. Our teacher, Kimberly has a lot of knowledge and work experience in Zero Waste.  The topic and discussions are interesting and this is where the future is heading.

Unfortunately, the world did not foresee or even think about future consequences the Industrial Revolution would have on the environment. We need to be forward thinking, not narrow minded.

In the book “Cradle to Cradle”, it mentions products such as children swim wings that are made from PVC.  The PVC can give off potentially harmful gases. How sad that something like a swim toy that can give a child immediate pleasure can ultimately cause serious health affects. This is what manufacturers need to think about.  Instead of thinking just about how much money they can make they need to assess their product for any hazards it can cause. It should be a product that is made with no harm to the environment, no harm to the people making it, and no harm to the end users.

In order to have a greener world everyone needs to do their part; from individuals, to businesses, to government and to educators.  It is going to take a tremendous effort to repair what we have done to the environment.


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